Videos below are currently copies of Rande’s trading mindset programs found at This is where you will find upcoming video presentations on topics outside of trading… in the meantime, feel free to watch these videos for an introduction to the fundamental concepts of Rande’s work.

When facing uncertainty, particularly in performance, our human brain has helped us survive for centuries by convincing us that we have control. This need for control ends up costing us in areas of higher performance where we must grow outside of our comfort zone.  VIDEO IS FOCUSED ON TRADING BUT CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IN THE CONTEXT OF MANY PERFORMANCE SCENARIOS.

For many years, Rande has been producing monthly webinars for teaching traders how to understand how their brain works and for mastering the mind that faces uncertainty.  While this video is focused on trading specifically, the fundamental content is an excellent sneak peek at the approach to understanding the mind and gives a hint to the step by step process that Rande has composed for accessing and altering how your mind works in the face of higher performance and personal growth.