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Emotional Regulation

Emotional Regulation

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All Thinking is Emotional State Dependent – Better Learn How to Work with Them

The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step -- Breath. Being able to manage your state of mind is rooted in developing the skills of breathing to manage emotion. To emphasis this point, this Emotional Regulation Course is the introductory course that is the gateway to the rest of Rande Howell Learning Systems work. Breathing and muscle tension are intimately tied to your emotional nature. It is through breath and muscle tension management that you learn how to manage the intensity of your emotions underchallenging conditions – before you are sweep away by the emotional storms of life.

First Step in the Process

Otherwise, you will never get to the door of the mind. And the mind is where you must get to because that is where the self-limiting beliefs are located that limit you in the growth of your journey toward self-mastery. Emotional Regulation is that essential to the development of your potential as a human being.

All Thinking is Emotional State Dependent – Better Learn How to Work with Them

You will come to a very different understanding of emotions through this course. In particular, you will learn that emotions are biological and not psychological. The biology of your emotional nature can easily overwhelm your psychology though as emotions rev you up preparing for action. You also discover that “You” are not a rational being who has to deal with some emotions. “You” are an emotional being who rationalizes. And, you do not have emotions – they have you.

By learning how to control the intensity of your emotions as you engage the challenges of your life, you do not get caught up the emotional storms that steer you off course. Instead, you stay clear-headed. With emotional regulation skills, you can stay calm and patient under stress so you make better decisions. In particular, you gain a powerful advantage in not reacting to challenges by triggering your fight/flight response. Your emotional reactions no longer get in your ways and divert you from your long-term goals.

First Step in the Process

Emotional regulation is not going to solve the more deeply rooted problems that hold you back.  But, without emotional regulation, you will never get to the root of the problem because you are constantly being hijacked by emotional patterns that sweep you away.  It is an essential skill.  With it, you get to the door of the mind – where the real work begins.  And that is a powerful step.  It’s the gateway to learning how to construct a much better version of yourself –starting with Emotional State Management.

What You Get

The Emotional Regulation Program from Rande Howell Learning Systems is a multi-media learning experience.  It include videos, audios, printed materials, and guided meditations – including essential bellows breathing guided meditations, SafePlace gm’s, and stress inoculation training.  It first trains you to produce calm states of mind by diaphragmatic breathing and muscle tension relaxation.  Then it teaches to combine these skills with SafePlace imagery.  It then prepares you to handle live action moments using stress inoculation.  And it takes about a month to complete.

Here is a List of the Materials in the Emotional Regulation Course:

  1. Video Introduction to Emotional Regulation
  2. Course Lecture Video Presentation
  3. Power Point Presentation
  4. Challenging Moment Exercise
  5. Video Demonstration of Bellows Breathing
  6. Bellows Breathing gm and Practice Log
  7. SafePlace Generation gm and Practice Log
  8. SafePlace Signature
  9. Combining ER and SP
  10. Challenging Moment Inoculation
  11. Challenging Moment Inoculation Log

If you put your mind to it, this course will change the way you respond to pressure.  It is the same materials that I have used to work with people for decades who needed to learn how to manage their emotions better. Those populations include prisoners with a history of violence, at risk youth, managing anxiety including panic attacks, managing anger, and PTSD or other forms of trauma – to name a few. It is the gateway course to the rest of the process I teach for developing your potential and self-mastery.  You will be able to produce a calm mindset in the midst of challenges in your life.  Get started now!