The Pathway

Beyond Personal Development

Historically, personal development has focused on an intellectual discussion and surface level exercises centered on building better habits for change through repetition (as in training the subconscious through repetition). The problem with these traditional personal development pathways is that they fade quickly after the initial experience and when encountering challenging situations. Then, in the moment when you really need the tools you learned, they fail in the real pressure of the moment and the challenges of life.

"What mind are you bringing to the moment?"

Rande's work has mainly been focused on helping high level performers in areas where the results of their change are materialized in the real world. He works with people focused on higher performance and success in high stress, high stakes situations where success can be measured, not just felt.

Through this work he has honed a systematic, step-by-step process to achieving a mind that not only resists the crucible of high stress situations where everything is on the line, but also provides a framework for finding your higher calling.

"The price of personal freedom is eternal vigilance of the committee of the mind."

The foundation of the pathway starts with a step-by-step process that takes you deep into the depths of your biology, brain, mind, and personal history.

Emotional Regulation teaches a process for controlling the intensity of an emotion so that it doesn't sweep you away into reactive self-limiting patterns of dealing with stress. This is a proven system for taking control of your biology and brain in order to reach the door of the mind... the door of change.

Mindfulness is the tool that you use to open the door of the mind and to start making sense of the forces at play. It helps you to step away from your historical self (the one that is the source of your limitations) and redesign the potential of the self. This will allow you to separate from your existing thoughts and beliefs and will teach you how to control your beliefs and identify the difference between your thoughts and your Self.

"You and your thoughts are not the same. You and your beliefs are not the same You were seduced into thinking that they were. You are just a construction of the Self that can be changed."

Inherent Worth is the core of your being. It is why people are willing to help you. It is why you are willing to help others. It is your connection to a higher way of being in the world, a higher calling, ... a higher power. Here you will unearth your own inherent worth that has been hidden from you. Claim it and start living from it as the ground of your being.

Historical Dialogue is the organization of self that you fell into when you weren't watching. It is built for short-term survival rather than long-term thriving. It is the source of your suffering and stuckness. This module guides you into your historical organization of the Self that controls the way you interact with the world, particularly when challenged. It shines the light of awareness in the recesses of your personal history and allows you to experience and directly confront your inner darkness. Only by understanding this aspect of the self can you free yourself from it by recognizing that it is not you. It is only one organization of your potential among many.

Empowered Mind guides you toward other more constructive organizations. This module leads you to your higher potential and connects you to the heroic pillars of your character: discipline, courage, compassion, and impartiality. From these four pillars you can explore the other aspects of your empowered self. This module helps you discover the hero that is lying within. Most importantly the module explores forgiveness and the process for washing away the power that you have given other people over you.

Engaging the Internal Struggle with an empowered mind, this module shows you how to engage the struggles of living with an entirely different point of view. You see life as the opening and closing of possibility. Rather than engaging life from the automatic position of fear and aggression, you engage struggles from an empowered mind rooted in courage, discipline, compassion, and impartiality. This is the game changer.

"Life is struggle, suffering is optional."

Once the foundational 6 steps of the Unlocking Your Hidden Potential program have been completed, additional branches are available to deepen the exploration of your potential. Please contact us to inquire about these programs.

This program doesn't promise fast or easy change, but it does promise a structure for lasting antifragile change - change that stands up against fear, uncertainty and doubt. It focuses on change that you can measure... not just in self-actualization, but in real world results.

This program is not centered on controlling outcome (winning and losing). Rather, it's focused on controlling the mind you bring to the moment. Your job is to manage the mind that performs.

About Rande

Rande Howell, has more than 30 years of practice as a licensed therapist and performance psychology coach using Emotional Intelligence as the fulcrum of change. His work centers on how to break the fear-based, self-limiting patterns to which the brain adapts us for survival and how to reorganize the self to a higher level of functioning.

This is accomplished by learning how to manage biological fear (and its impact on thought) and then teaches us to access much more empowered internal resources of the self that shift our capacity for positive performance. He teaches how to use emotions to create a more empowered mind for engaging the challenges of living.

Rande’s work teaches you how to change the way you understand and work with your biology; which allows you to succeed in regulating your emotions and breaking out of life-limiting patterns. His emotional regulation training has been used to treat violent prisoners, break the cycle of domestic violence, and free people from the limitations of fearful thinking.

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