Guided Meditations
Rewire your mind.
Choosing Renewal

Choosing Renewal

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This stand-alone guided meditation is built to give you a break from and a moment of renewal during the busyness of your everyday world. Many people use it as a way of better dealing with the stress of their daily lives on a regular basis. It’s deeply relaxing and helps to create and maintain a peaceful state of mind.  Also, it is short – under 14 minutes – so you can find time to recenter yourself even when pressed for time. It’s like a mini vacation to the beach for the mind. 

You’ll come away from listening to it energized and ready to engage the day from a position of calm.  It was an absolute pleasure for me to create it for you to enhance the state of mind that you bring to the challenges of your day.  It also represents a cost effective way of getting acquainted with the Unlocking Your Hidden Potential opus.

About Guided Meditations
A proven system for building right-action into your daily life

Guided meditations are a powerful tool within the Rande Howell Learning System. Traditional meditation styles are used to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Meditation, in all of its forms, has been practiced for thousands of years and is known to offer numerous benefits, including reduced stress, improved focus and concentration, enhanced sleep, and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression. Meditation has also been shown to enhance neuroplasticity, allowing individuals to better adapt to new experiences and improve overall brain function. This is why guided meditations are a cornerstone of the Rande Howell system for developing human potential.

Particularly when combined with Rande's structured process for unlocking your potential through masting the mind, these guided meditations take your practice one step further by providing a structure and support system that can help you hardwire a more empowered mind in key moments of your life.

Each individual guided meditation provides a specific structure and support system that can help you achieve the benefits of meditation more easily and effectively as well as help to "program" your mind for measured performance in the real world.

  • Structured and supportive way to practice meditation
  • Train the mind for resilience against stress
  • Specific focus on key aspects of mental management
  • Enhances performance
  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Deepen your connection to the inner self
  • Specific applications for
Integrate Learning Into Action

Our guided meditations are designed to program intellectual learning from the Rande Howell courses into the brain as emotionally learned material. They are specifically designed to help integrate intellectual learning into the emotional and psychological aspects of the brain, allowing you to internalize the information on a deeper level. This can lead to more meaningful and lasting change in behavior and attitudes. Moreover, it will help to turn desired actions into reflex for improved performance.


I use the guided meditations every day. I start the day with them, I listen to them before big events. It's the perfect way to prepare for important moments.

Mathew R.

Thanks to the meditation practice, I am aware of the way I am breathing, and how I can calm my body and mind in different situations.

Anna A.

The breathing exercise alone has allowed me to control difficult situations more effectively. Combined with the lessons, I'm in better control of stressful situations.

Markus K.