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Claiming Your Inherent Worth

The Foundations of Your Inherent Worth

Below all the adaptation that has shaped your self-image – at the very core of your being – you are inherently worthy. You are built from the very stuff of the shining stars. This Inherent Worth is rooted in your biology – not in the psychology of belief. We humans were forged that way by the very forces of evolution. As social mammalians, inherent worth is encoded into our DNA. Otherwise, the helpless beings we are born as would never survive beyond birth. They would not have been cared for, nor kept safe. But they were. And our ancestors went to a lot of trouble to ensure the next generation’s survival.

Why? Because the tribe intuitively and instinctively sensed the inherent worth of the child and the tribe members. It was their future. It was their survival as a species. And as animals, they were driven by the need for survival – to just stay alive. This trait became human instinct. And it is this instinct that I call Inherent Worth.

Mindfulness Course (Unit 1)

Discovering the Game Changer
The “Self” (that you have been calling “You”) is fluid in structure, rather than unchanging. In your mindlessness, a Self is constructed by the brain for the sake of your survival in this world. It is not “You” – it is only one potential construction of a Self among many. But you falsely identify it as you. And its job is for you to survive in the world into which you were thrust. The Self you are currently residing in is built for your survival – not for your thriving. This is where you are stuck.

The Dark Side of the Internal Dialogue

The Historical Dialogue is the dark side of the Internal Dialogue. It is the organization of self that you fell into when you weren't capable of watching. It is built for short term survival rather than long term thriving. It is the source of your suffering and stuckness. This module guides you into your historical organization of the SELF that controls the way you interact with the world, particularly when challenged. It shines the light of awareness in the recesses of your personal history and experience and directly confronts your inner darkness. Only by understanding this aspect of your self can you free yourself from it by recognizing that it is not you. It is only one organization of your potential among many.