Unlocking Your Hidden Potential Book
The First Step in the Journey of Self-Mastery
Unlocking Your Hidden Potential e-Book

Unlocking Your Hidden Potential e-Book

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In Unlock Your Hidden Potential, you are going to be taken on an unexpected and eye-opening journey. The goal of that journey is self-mastery. Ultimately, you get to learn what really makes you tick (even at a cellular level) and do the things you do.  More than that though, you will come to how you came to be organized into the Self you currently are – and how you can begin the process of truly reshaping your potential into the person you could be.  Many consider this work to be the missing link in all the self-development and self-mastery offerings that seem to fall short of lasting change.

NOTE: The product is in electronic format.  It is offered for purchase in PDF format through the website download. You will also receive a confirmation email with links to download the popular .epub and .mobi file formats compatible with most e-readers.

The Book that Brings it All Together

The process revealed in this book has been called the missing link to personal growth. It is the Emotional Intelligence of personal development. Rande Howell’s work does not separate biology (the flesh), brain, emotion, beliefs, mind, thinking, action, and spirituality.  It is an illusion to believe that they are separate.  All are part of a singular whole that give rise to a Potential Self that has been adapted for surviving – not thriving.  You are so much more that the Self you look at in the mirror.  Understanding how beliefs that you fell into have shaped your life opens the door for a very different path toward self-mastery – where you learn how to manage the biology of belief, emotion and cognition very differently.  And out of that,  you come away with a much better tool kit for developing the potential of the Self.  This book is foundational.  Seize the day.  Pick up this book and start shaping your life.

"We are all born with inherent gifts. A potential that is built into each one of us exists all the way in the core of our being. But in the course of our brain adapting us to the chal‐lenges of living, that potential is often shaped into forms that limit the possibility of who we can be – particularly, when experiencing stress.

It’s no one’s fault; it’s just the way your brain makes choices when faced with challenges and then habituates them into neural patterns that fire automatically outside of your conscious awareness without ever consulting you. They are so over-looked, so familiar to you that you do not notice the control they have over how you respond to the challenges of your life."

Key Chapters
  • Regulating the Intensity of an Emotion
  • Conceptualizing the Forces that Work in the Mind
  • The Brain and Mind You Never Knew You Had
  • Dark Side of Internal Dialogue - Inner Critic
  • The Other Part of the Dark Side - Adaptive Voice
  • The Intentional Mind of Empowerment
  • Discovering the Hidden Strengths of the Intentional Self
  • The Four Pillars of the Intentional Mind
  • Mastering Your Internal Struggle